Parenting Olympics Part 2

Ready to see if you qualify for more Parenting Olympic Events?? Ninja Indulgence Skills You’ve been craving that sea salt caramel dark chocolate candy bar for weeks and finally, finally you’ve broken down and bought one.  Let’s face it, at this point, there is  no way you’re going to share no matter how much you love your adorable… Continue reading Parenting Olympics Part 2

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Parenting Olympics

Raise your hand if you love the Olympics! *Jumps up and down, waving hands while squealing like a maniac* Yeah, okay, so I might be a (not so) closet fan of the Olympics! What’s not to love?  Watching gymnasts soar through the air, swimmers swimming better than fish themselves, the equestrian cross country event jumping,… Continue reading Parenting Olympics

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In Which I Make a Few Confessions…

Dear Youngest Child, As much as I love you, waking up every two hours is not considered a restful night’s repose.  Also, I would like to remind you that when you decide to eat more than normal, the cafe runs out of food more quickly than usual.  Screaming fits at 2 AM do nothing to… Continue reading In Which I Make a Few Confessions…

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How to Avoid Folding Clothes Forever AKA Procrastination

I have some clothes that I need to pack up and move out to the shed (by “some” clothes, I mean everything my girls ever wore between 12 mo and 3T and a few castoffs that none of them like, plus everything the ONE boy child in the house outgrew) and I don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaant to!!! … Continue reading How to Avoid Folding Clothes Forever AKA Procrastination

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21 Thoughts in Your Baby’s Head When You First Introduce Him/Her to Solids

Ever wonder why your baby makes all those faces when you first introduce him to solids?  Well, here’s a little bit of insight. You touch the spoon to baby’s mouth, tempting her to open it. Something’s by my mouth! You know your baby will willingly open up because, Hey!

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Boomtown Babes

We used to be “those people”. Well, techinically, we still are “those people”.  As in, “Don’t be like those people and have more kids than you can handle.” or “You know  those people, the ones who take their kids out into public without properly training them to sit and stay first? Don’t be like them.” or “I… Continue reading Boomtown Babes

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21 Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say… And Then I Became A Parent

Why is there a half-eaten peach in the fruit basket?!? Why is there a half-eaten apple in your room?!? The Tooth Fairy left a message. She couldn’t come last night because almost every kid in the world decided to lose a tooth yesterday, so she’s kinda backed up right now.  She promises to come tonight!

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5 Ways For Parents to go Bedlam Crazy in The Shortest Amount of Time

Parenthood comes with some really great, heart popping moments.  Staring into your newborn infant’s eyes for the first time.  Baby’s first steps, then first words.  The first time your five-year-old actually makes a really funny joke and you wonder if you have a comedienne on your hands.  Your Big Kid turning around and saying, “I… Continue reading 5 Ways For Parents to go Bedlam Crazy in The Shortest Amount of Time

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Why a Husband Should Always Take Gift Requests Seriously

Two years ago, just before my birthday, I told my husband I wanted nothing but a cleaning lady for a day or my car detailed. Instead, I got another bag of chocolates and flowers. Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t ungrateful, but I can buy chocolate anytime for myself and flowers die so quickly. Anyway,… Continue reading Why a Husband Should Always Take Gift Requests Seriously

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Coffee at 4 PM is totally acceptable

Today, the younger two and I picked up the older two from school as usual.  We were very excited to see them.  The sentiments were not returned.  No sooner than they caught sight of us, the whining and blaming and begging and pleading and whining began.  No, they did not want to make monster cookies. … Continue reading Coffee at 4 PM is totally acceptable