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I think we all look forward to the summer, for the most part. Sunshine. Family time. Travel. Longer days to get those outdoor to-do’s checked off that ever-growing list. Mosquitoes. Just kidding! Scratch that last one off the list. I doubt anyone looks forward to the summertime bugs! But that’s where citronella or tea tree… Continue reading Summer

Must Haves

Best Must Haves for July 4th

One of the best holidays of the year is 4th of July! Summer fun is here, there are lots of family fun activities around this holiday and there is nothing wrong with the extra long daylight hours and warm evenings. There’s so much to be grateful for! Here are some highlights to our favorites for the upcoming week.


What better way to celebrate the 4th of July then reading books about our country? Since school is out and most of us don’t have time to do fun crafts with the kids with all the crazy summer things going on, reading is the perfect way to relax with your kids after a day in the sun! Children can learn so much about the USA by reading some engaging books. Younger kids might enjoy Americanly. This book is a patriotic take on the best seller Animally. Want to take a field trip across our country? Wonders of the USA is a fun way for kids to learn about some amazing places in this land we call home. Each page has hidden pictures and all your child has to do is shine a flashlight through the page to reveal what’s hidden. Travel through the 50 states with a family on a road trip in 50 States in Every Vehicle.  For older elementary age children, State Capitals is packed FULL of information about each state and it’s capital city. Traveling over the 4th of July holiday? Across the USA Activity Book is full of activities highlighting neat things about each state in our Union. You can find these titles (and SO many more) by clicking on the links listed below! And who knows, maybe we’ll even learn a new fact or two! 

50 States in Every Vehicle


Wonders of the USA

State Capitals

Across the USA Activity Book


Fourth of July makes me think of all-day outdoor fun with family and friends…which results in a nice tangled head of hair! Which results in tears. Always a fun start or ending to the day! With three girls who all have long hair, finding a good detangle spray was a must! Or dreadlocks. (No thank you) Enter this little bottle of magic! Spritz, brush and away we go! Free of harmful additives, has a pleasant smell (bye-bye gagging smell! Or is it just me who doesn’t like the chemical smell of hair products?) and this detangle spray can even be used as a light leave-in conditioner! Woo-hoo!

MONAT Hair with Amanda


The softest LUXE leggings are back with a summer vibe. Supports your every move on the busiest of summer days plus wicking away moisture technology that keeps you cool and dry. All of that plus no pinching or chafing while being on the go or lounging on the deck. MyZyia with Jessie

4thJulySets    With all of the people running around on the 4th, there are the maximum number of drinks available and how to keep those cups straight? Enter glass charms, used through any glass or cup, these little beauties bring Red, White, & Blue home while enjoying your favorite beverage! Don’t forget, these charms can also be used in hair with our spin pins, magic grip hair pins and sticks, and headbands-  all available on our website HazyLu


If you have any plans to spend time outdoors is there anything worse than a warm drink that is full of condensation on the outside? For this weekend Sandon Engraving is offering 10% off any custom cup, just use discount code redwhiteboom.



And while making those fun side trips into town, don’t for get a catch-it-all bag (as I’ve used it) or a Market Tote with those last minute trips to the grocery store or maybe you have a Farmer’s Market near you. These bags are lightweight but strong to tote all the necessities with you! And picking up some new ones too 🙂  4millimeterdesigns

Happy 4th of July!


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Super Mom….. Or Not

Yesterday as I was running out the door to deliver and order for our business I noticed ice cream melting on my leather chair in the living room. So, I put down my box of engraved bottle lids to go clean that up. Frustrated that the kids can NEVER seem to pick up after themselves,… Continue reading Super Mom….. Or Not

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8 Travel Must Haves

Traveling this summer? Here are 8 essential items to take with you.

In the Kitchen

Lazy Leftover Casserole

You know those nights when you have leftovers in your fridge but you REALLY want something different? Or you had a meal that the kids didn’t like so you don’t want to heat it up just for them to push it around on their plate and ask for an apple after they’ve taken 2 bites?… Continue reading Lazy Leftover Casserole

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Pet Rock

So whilst I have some minor setbacks with photos talking to computers talking to web hosts, there are no photos this time but it is a craft that any kid will love. I love having my littles home from school for a break. School this year was a first for us in a routine and… Continue reading Pet Rock


Traveling With Kids

Growing up, my dad worked for Northwest Airlines and each summer, after my youngest brother turned 2, my parents would take us on a summer trip. We either loaded up the Suburban and drove West or we would fly (stand-by). This family tradition made it so traveling wasn’t so daunting to my husband and I… Continue reading Traveling With Kids

In the Kitchen

DIY Father’s Day

For my husband, unless I know what kind of tool to get that he doesn’t have in his shop, for Father’s Day it’s easier for the kids to make him something. And the most favorite thing that he likes, that is made, is food. So this year we made cookies early. It’s Father’s Day weekend,… Continue reading DIY Father’s Day

Must Haves

Hair care for men

Hair care is not just for women! And Modern Nature (MONAT) realizes that! Their Black line is tailored towards the guys (but, shhhh, can still be used by women). Is your guy a wash-n-go type? Or someone who likes to spend a little attention on his hair? Maybe he has a beard to maintain? MONAT… Continue reading Hair care for men


Goat Lovin’

So…we live on a PIG farm but we for some reason are always adding a random animal to it. I used to want every animal under the sun, until I got kids. Now I feel like I have animals in my house but they’re really just my 3 boys, lol! Last year we got a… Continue reading Goat Lovin’