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I think we all look forward to the summer, for the most part. Sunshine. Family time. Travel. Longer days to get those outdoor to-do’s checked off that ever-growing list. Mosquitoes. Just kidding! Scratch that last one off the list. I doubt anyone looks forward to the summertime bugs! But that’s where citronella or tea tree… Continue reading Summer

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Super Mom….. Or Not

Yesterday as I was running out the door to deliver and order for our business I noticed ice cream melting on my leather chair in the living room. So, I put down my box of engraved bottle lids to go clean that up. Frustrated that the kids can NEVER seem to pick up after themselves,… Continue reading Super Mom….. Or Not

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8 Travel Must Haves

Traveling this summer? Here are 8 essential items to take with you.

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Pet Rock

So whilst I have some minor setbacks with photos talking to computers talking to web hosts, there are no photos this time but it is a craft that any kid will love. I love having my littles home from school for a break. School this year was a first for us in a routine and… Continue reading Pet Rock

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Parenting Olympics

Raise your hand if you love the Olympics! *Jumps up and down, waving hands while squealing like a maniac* Yeah, okay, so I might be a (not so) closet fan of the Olympics! What’s not to love?  Watching gymnasts soar through the air, swimmers swimming better than fish themselves, the equestrian cross country event jumping,… Continue reading Parenting Olympics

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In Which I Make a Few Confessions…

Dear Youngest Child, As much as I love you, waking up every two hours is not considered a restful night’s repose.  Also, I would like to remind you that when you decide to eat more than normal, the cafe runs out of food more quickly than usual.  Screaming fits at 2 AM do nothing to… Continue reading In Which I Make a Few Confessions…

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You Only Told me THREE Times and Other Awkward Grocery Store Encounters

The grocery store has always been the source of many embarrassing and awkward encounters with the human race for me.  For some reason, it is one of my children’s favorite places to relapse in social graces.  They might be well-behaved all day long, up until we enter the grocery store.  Suddenly, they turn feral and… Continue reading You Only Told me THREE Times and Other Awkward Grocery Store Encounters

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Healthier Almond Joy Coffee

I know today is a famous holiday, Martin Luther King Day, but it also is a lesser known holiday; today is Gourmet Coffee Day!!

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How to Avoid Folding Clothes Forever AKA Procrastination

I have some clothes that I need to pack up and move out to the shed (by “some” clothes, I mean everything my girls ever wore between 12 mo and 3T and a few castoffs that none of them like, plus everything the ONE boy child in the house outgrew) and I don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaant to!!! … Continue reading How to Avoid Folding Clothes Forever AKA Procrastination

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21 Thoughts in Your Baby’s Head When You First Introduce Him/Her to Solids

Ever wonder why your baby makes all those faces when you first introduce him to solids?  Well, here’s a little bit of insight. You touch the spoon to baby’s mouth, tempting her to open it. Something’s by my mouth! You know your baby will willingly open up because, Hey!