Parenting Olympics Part 2

Ready to see if you qualify for more Parenting Olympic Events?? Ninja Indulgence Skills You’ve been craving that sea salt caramel dark chocolate candy bar for weeks and finally, finally you’ve broken down and bought one.  Let’s face it, at this point, there is  no way you’re going to share no matter how much you love your adorable… Continue reading Parenting Olympics Part 2

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Parenting Olympics

Raise your hand if you love the Olympics! *Jumps up and down, waving hands while squealing like a maniac* Yeah, okay, so I might be a (not so) closet fan of the Olympics! What’s not to love?  Watching gymnasts soar through the air, swimmers swimming better than fish themselves, the equestrian cross country event jumping,… Continue reading Parenting Olympics


How to Deal With the Neighborhood Rat Pack, er, Children (Kindly)

What to do when you feel overwhelmed and overrun by the neighboring kids.

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Calling Parents With Stories To Tell!

I have taken a small break to think about my blog and its mission. It’s important for blogs to have missions if they’re going to be successful, or so anyone with a successful blog says. So I thought about it good and long and long and good and the result is that I wish to… Continue reading Calling Parents With Stories To Tell!

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In Which I Make a Few Confessions…

Dear Youngest Child, As much as I love you, waking up every two hours is not considered a restful night’s repose.  Also, I would like to remind you that when you decide to eat more than normal, the cafe runs out of food more quickly than usual.  Screaming fits at 2 AM do nothing to… Continue reading In Which I Make a Few Confessions…

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Misadventures of a Beginning Quilter

I joined the Try Something New Every Month club.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  That was before I tried the first craft, which is quilting. So, since it was my first time quilting and all, I decided to make a twin size quilt. Not a coaster. An actual full size quilt. Nothing… Continue reading Misadventures of a Beginning Quilter

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You Only Told me THREE Times and Other Awkward Grocery Store Encounters

The grocery store has always been the source of many embarrassing and awkward encounters with the human race for me.  For some reason, it is one of my children’s favorite places to relapse in social graces.  They might be well-behaved all day long, up until we enter the grocery store.  Suddenly, they turn feral and… Continue reading You Only Told me THREE Times and Other Awkward Grocery Store Encounters