About the Authors

Alyssa H.

Alyssa is a stay at home mom to 3 boys (who sometimes drive her crazy and other times make her wish they’ll NEVER grow up). She was married at the wee age of 18 to her hardworking, forever a boy at heart, husband. Before kids, they enjoyed riding motorcycles and scuba diving. Now they enjoy changing diapers, breaking up fights and deciding if they were living the dream before or after kids. Still not sure!

Alyssa most recently has been homeschooling her oldest child, castrating pigs and trying to survive when her husband is working out of state. Since she doesn’t get much (any) time to shop without a kids or three around, she does most of her shopping online and enjoys posting deals for herself and others in her facebook group, The Savvy Hunter.

Amanda B.

Candace S.

Carmyn F.

Carmyn is a stay at home mom of three girls who teach her daily lessons of love, forgiveness, being present and that everything is figureoutable. She is married- not to the perfect guy, but the perfect guy for her! Loving all things crafty and combining her two grandmothers names she created HazyLu which specializes in broken jewelry to unique magnets for charms and hair accessories.

She also has the honor of teaching women life and business skills with her Mary Kay business working on her free car and promoting herself to leadership positions. She has learned that life is full of Joy when willing to help and like your own unique self, that the secret to life is butter, and all things are more fun when they’re shared.

Elaine T.


Jessie K.

Jessie is a stay at home mom to three girls and two boys.  She is married to The Best Husband Ever, her best friend and adventure buddy.  Jessie and Best Hubby Ever take great pleasure (not!) in moving often and have lived in 5 states and 11 towns in the 14+ years they’ve been married.

Jessie runs on caffeine, chocolate, and yoga pants.  She loves dragging her kids out to the mountains for a hike and has been known to occasionally enter a 5k.  Her favorite hobby is sewing her own clothes and her house is overflowing with fabric and patterns.  She has learned a tremendous amount about quality fabrics and clothing construction through her sewing. Because of this, she partnered with Zyia Active and now sells high-quality activewear.

She currently goes to the School of Hard Knocks and learns from Professors Elbow-Grease and Reality.  She holds degrees in Parenting Firsthand and DIY Medicine.  Her philosophy is if there’s no blood or broken bones and the kids are still alive at the end of the day, she’s won at her job.

Richelle B.