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I think we all look forward to the summer, for the most part. Sunshine. Family time. Travel. Longer days to get those outdoor to-do’s checked off that ever-growing list. Mosquitoes. Just kidding! Scratch that last one off the list. I doubt anyone looks forward to the summertime bugs! But that’s where citronella or tea tree essential oils comes to the rescue.

For me, it all depends on if the kids are squabbling or not! C’mon, I can’t be the only one who starts looking forward to when I can ship the grumpy squabbling monkeys off to school the moment they start poking each other’s buttons!

Most of the time these four get along. But if they’re tired. Or hungry. Or just feeling a bit off…oh boy. Watch out! This summer, if the grumpi-cranki-ness (yes that’s a word) starts to show its head, I’ve been setting them down in the living room with either books to read or something to color. Seems like a little quiet alone time goes a long ways! Then once they’ve been quiet for some time, they get to decide themselves when they’re ready to get up and get along with one another. Or else it’s back to sitting!

It also helps to break out of the at-home schedule once in a while. Getting outta the house snaps them outta the squabbling cycle. Even if it’s to run errands. Even though that’s when you really don’t want to bring them anywhere. Don’t want to be seen in public with them.

We’re lucky to live sorta close (for us, that’s about 20 miles :D) to a wonderful county library that puts on an awesome summertime reading program! It has a year long program, but they amp it up during the summer. This year the theme is “A Universe of Stories” so we’re learning all about space! Stories and videos and fun activities and snacks, who wouldn’t like it! Kids get their own reading log (15 minutes per sticker) that once they get all the stickers on, they get to pick a prize outta the treasure chest.

Well, I probably could ramble on for some time but I best stop procrastinating and get outside to mow the lawn! It needs it. And better get ‘er done before the rain they’re predicting in a couple days comes.

What are some of y’alls grumpy kid busters? This momma can use all the ideas she can get!

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