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Super Mom….. Or Not

Yesterday as I was running out the door to deliver and order for our business I noticed ice cream melting on my leather chair in the living room. So, I put down my box of engraved bottle lids to go clean that up. Frustrated that the kids can NEVER seem to pick up after themselves, I picked my box up again and determined to only have to make one trip out of the house I set my cup of sparkling water on top of the box… As I opened the door the dog (inside the house) saw the cat (outside the house) and thought he should go visit her, so he ran into my knees knocking the water over and spilling all over my lids that were packaged and ready for delivery. So, I had to wrestle the dog back in the house, clean up my spilled water, and completely re-pack my lids effectively costing me all the precious time and more that I was trying to save in the first place.

I started thinking about my fiasco yesterday and realized this is not a one time thing for me. No, actually it’s pretty much my every day life. So, what can I do about it? I mean, I read all those things for moms that say “You need to make time for yourself!” “Self-care is the most important thing!” Blah Blah Blah. But really, who has time to do that? Moms can’t even get 5 minutes alone in the bathroom! And then when I give my kids electronics so I can have 5 minutes of peace I deal with mom guilt for turning their brains into mush. UGH!

So, I’ve realized it is so important to let your mom friends you she is enough! She is doing a great job! We need to learn to be each other’s cheer leaders. I’m so thankful I have people around me who do this, because if I didn’t I know I would surely have a complete break down! Now, stop trying to be super mom! And if you have any tips on having a successful summer without going insane, I would love to hear them!!

I better sign off, dinner is burning on the stove.
Hugs, Candace

One thought on “Super Mom….. Or Not

  1. yes. right there with you. that wonderful electronic babysitter that makes you feel like the best mother ever for using. (not really.) but alone time is so nice! 🙂
    successfully not going insane!? throw your kids some food/water and pretend you don’t have any kids 😀


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