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8 Travel Must Haves

Clockwise from top left: Plum Unwind Joggers, TimeWise To Go Set, Travel Games, First Aid Kit, Battery Power Bank, Tote Bag, Coffee Cup, Dry Shampoo

Ahh, summer! That time of year when everyone travels to anywhere but home! Employees, and the families of the employees, of the coal and oil industry would like to thank all the traveling tourists! 😉

Kidding aside, there are a few things that make traveling easier and are almost a necessity to take along. Here are a few of my favorites:

Plum Unwind Joggers

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Talk about ultimate comfort!! I have these joggers and they are the most amazing things ever! When I first got them, I didn’t take them off for a week straight, no joke! That may be ew to some, but let me tell ya, they are super comfy and stretchy!! They’re like yoga pants, only better. They are made of yoga pant material (it’s actually called supplex if that means anything to you. It does to me since I sew clothing in my “spare” time) with a four way stretch, so they move with you. I cannot say enough good about them! They make traveling with kids SO much better!!

TimeWise To Go Set

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We get so dehydrated traveling. Who wants to drink water in the car when it means a pit stop every hour. Airplane travel . . . let’s just say: circulated air. It’s so hard on our skin.  Having a skin care routine helps hydration, balances our skin’s ph to help fight against free radicals and adult acne while it smooths and softens.  The TimeWise To Go Set is small and meets airport requirements while providing enough skin hydration for any trip.

Travel Games

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Who doesn’t want a peaceful trip with multiple kids?! My husband and I frequently talk of buying a limo with a glass divider that we can roll up to block out the pleasant sounds of screaming and fighting and constant question of “How much longer??”! The reviews on this book say it’s worth every penny and I have no doubt that it is! My kids love anything new and my son especially loves anything to do with wheels and motors!

First Aid Kit

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You hope it never happens, but you know it will if you don’t take a first aid kit along. Don’t tempt fate and keep one of these handy dandy ziplock cases in your center console! This kit contains 299 essential first aid supplies for treating minor aches and injuries! That should take care of just about anything from a bug bite to a fish hook mishap (don’t ask). Or at least anything that doesn’t require stitches or an ER visit.

Battery Power Bank

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Keep your smart phone or other device charged up with this sleek battery bank while hiking or even in an airport waiting on your layover. Nothing’s worse than being anchored to wall while in an airport. Don’t let a low battery keep you from a good cup of coffee or the cheesy gift shop! You’ll need all the refreshment you can get before being stuffed like sardine on a 3 hour flight. 😉

Tote Bag

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One of the most necessary things, besides comfortable clothing, when traveling is a large bag. It should be able to hold all the comforts of home, such as kleenex, snacks, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, wallet, cell phone, charging cords, other devices, etc, etc, etc, not to mention be lovely and stylish at the same time! This lovely tote bag is one of my favorite styles. The top can fold over in a compact purse style or you can fill it to the top and take up every bit of its 14″x15″ space!

Coffee Cup

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I know what you’re thinking, “It’s too hot for a hot beverage! Why in the world would you recommend a coffee cup as a travel must have??” If you have to ask me that, then you’ve obviously never owned an RTIC or Yeti cup. You guys, I took a hot cup of coffee in my Yeti mug to church on a cold fall day, left it in the car for an hour, and the coffee was still too hot to drink fast. I then went to the Big City and did all my shopping and another church meeting. The coffee was finally lukewarm after riding around with me for 7 hours!! Not only do they keep hot beverages hot for an insane amount of time, but it also works with the opposite temperature! Get a cute Beach themed one to make your iced coffee extra fancy!

Dry Shampoo

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Nothing says “Tourist” like limp, greasy hair! Avoid the traveler stigma and blend in with the locals by keeping your hair fresh with dry shampoo. My daughter has hit puberty and her scalp overproduces oil. Dry shampoo has been her best friend lately, and mine, too, really. It’s rare to find a dry shampoo that also conditions, so be sure to look for that.

I hope this list has been helpful for you! I know it was helpful for me when I was looking for things to add to it! I really had to think about things that I would absolutely take along or always wish I had along when I forgot them!

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