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Pet Rock

So whilst I have some minor setbacks with photos talking to computers talking to web hosts, there are no photos this time but it is a craft that any kid will love.

I love having my littles home from school for a break. School this year was a first for us in a routine and another boss in the house called homework (although we weren’t hit too hard in kindergarten!) so there’s that. But wow, school gets out and there’s hours to fill. I’ve never worried too much about filling hours- when you’re ranching and farming, have two businesses, kids just get rolled into the mix of it all- the fun in helping and working along side of us. There is always a lot to do.

However, here are times when you have to stop and just be with the kids and do kid things. The monotony of this gets to me which I am not proud of – what else could I be doing is usually the first thought. I don’t judge myself for that -we are building big things and it takes effort. I also am very clear I get one shot at this parenting thing and everyday  I just try to do better. The crafty thing they choose over and over are painting rocks. This is a summer time gig for us. And they love it. I don’t always and usually leave it for my MIL when she visits. I’m glad that when I do stop and observe them, I learn much more than any webinar could have taught me for that day. A lot of lessons in that!

So for the great reveal – I have no photos to prove it! But the simple craft is this- hunt for rocks, get some paint, a brush and let them at it.

Rocks are in abundance- use whatever size you have on hand. This has become a treasure hunt for us whenever we go to the lake or a walk. “Mom! I need to paint that rock!” The other day we walked down to feed our bottle calves and we brought 4 rocks homes. We have a rock collection outside specifically to paint now. I kind of love it.

Walmart has a larger selection for acrylic paint but I usually go to the Dollar Store to get supplies as they have a couple options for paint. I have used finger paint. Water color doesn’t work with kids. It’s a level of artistry and absorption they don’t have the patience for. Brushes I get at Dollar store- don’t buy expensive ones for this project. The most amazing thing is to listen to them and talk. Don’t suggest unless asked and I try not to get involved. At all. (It’s hard) I let them do their thing- it’s their imaginations I’m curious about. I have loved seeing them use just one color and the time it takes for one rock of one color is a little mind boggling. It’s the process, the conversation, the insights to their little minds and learning from them. 

The great thing is that it is all outside so clean up is pretty simple with a nearby hose which often turns into run through sprinkler time. Another win to cure the “I’m bored” home-from-school mantra.

Happy summer!


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