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DIY Father’s Day

For my husband, unless I know what kind of tool to get that he doesn’t have in his shop, for Father’s Day it’s easier for the kids to make him something. And the most favorite thing that he likes, that is made, is food. So this year we made cookies early. It’s Father’s Day weekend, might as well start celebrating the wonderful guy before Sunday! And I only remembered to get one picture of the girls helping. Mom brain.

Found a new recipe for peanut butter cookies on Instagram that only called for a cup of brown sugar, a cup of peanut butter and one egg; bake at 350 for about 12 minutes. Decided to try it. Next time, I’ll make sure to use creamy PB, instead of outdated crunchy PB! Maybe it won’t be so oily. If you don’t like chewy cookies, pass on this recipe! But the flavor is pretty good! Besides chocolate chip cookies minus the chocolate chips, his favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin. So my oldest daughter helped with those. I just use the recipe that comes on the lid of the oatmeal, with extra cinnamon and extra raisins that I soak in warm water for a few minutes. Soft and chewy and yum!

These kids also like to make their own cards. Turn them loose with paper and scissors and glue and stamps and ink and markers/crayons/etc. and they are happy. And getting along. For more than a couple minutes. So win win! Until it comes time to wash the table!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful guys out there filling those Dad shoes!

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