Goat Lovin’

So…we live on a PIG farm but we for some reason are always adding a random animal to it. I used to want every animal under the sun, until I got kids. Now I feel like I have animals in my house but they’re really just my 3 boys, lol!

Last year we got a call about a young cow that needed a home. Yep, we brought it to the farm. And then once winter came, we moved it to the neighbor’s barn and that’s where it has stayed. I don’t have the heart to tell the boys that it is NOT coming back. Daisy was sweet but we had our hands full with 100 pigs!

We received a message a week or so ago that there was a baby goat that could use a good home. I have ALWAYS wanted a goat so off we went. Now, my husband sold my van because he found a tiny spot of rust on it so I’m currently driving his new-to-him BMW wagon. I had put a large kennel in the back but it was collapsed so when I got to the goat farm I set it up and put it back in the rear of the wagon. Yep, you guessed it. The back hatch wouldn’t close!! I had already promised the boys we were bringing home the goat so here you can see how it rode on the way home.

Y’all, this goat is the cutest thing! It follows us around like a dog and cries for us if we walk away from it.

You can see by the look on my youngest son’s face that he LOVES his new little friend, even though it is constantly giving him kisses, sucking on his ears and nibbling on his fingers.

The boys and I set up a little activity area for it in one of our pastures but I’m pretty sure the boys get more use out of it than the goat. Do I mind? Absolutely not!

A goat needs formula multiple times a day so we have been bottle feeding it since we brought it home. And BOY, will that thing let you know that it’s hungry! It’s quiet until it hears movement in the house. Oh yes, it is sleeping in our house. I have built it a house so hopefully it can be moved outside once it stops raining tomorrow. This little girl pees like a race horse! I do a load of laundry a day just to keep a dry towel in it’s kennel. But whenever we are outside, it comes with us. She even rides around in our Kubota when we go out to feed pigs. She’s happy in there until we hop out and then she cries until we come back! She is quite the social little thing!

I forgot to tell you her name. My eldest, Quintin, named her Emma. Every living creature he brings in that is a girl….he names Emma. When we were pregnant with our third child, he wanted to name it Emma (it was a boy so we got to pick the name). When he rescued a baby bird that our cats found before he did, he named it Emma. When we had a baby pig in the house for a week, he named it Emma. See a trend? And he wants to have 7 little sisters. I wonder what their names would be?!

Within the next month, we should be bringing home another baby goat as a friend for Emma. I wonder if they’ll be best buddies or if they’ll BOTH be following us around the yard and crying when we walk away?

On to more adventures on the farm….

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