Things to do on Father’s Day

So, readers, I have to be honest with you. I have never written a blog or anything of length, for that matter, for others to read on social media. I am a bit terrified. I am typing this on a very brand new Chromebook. I keep hitting the wrong keys and basically, I am thinking typing this on my cell phone might be easier. So, with all this going on, I shall begin!

Do you ever get to a holiday or day of significance and realize you never planned anything? Like, you were so busy doing life that you just never got around to even thinking of what you could possibly do? I do! For my youngest’s first birthday, it was like my mind decided that if I didn’t plan anything, she wouldn’t have to turn 1, right?!? Wrong, sadly! She did and I threw a pretty decent party together in a week. So, this week the big holiday is Father’s Day. Obviously Father’s Day is on a Sunday, which for us always includes a Sunday service or two, a larger home cooked meal, naps for our littles, and, well, with a family of 6, this doesn’t leave much time for relaxing or anything else. So, Father’s Day weekend it is. When I was thinking of ideas of things to do to celebrate that husband/father/man in your life, these are the things that came to mind.


St. Croix River, Hudson, WI

My husband has been talking about going fishing all spring. It’s either raining, really cold, he is super tired, or we don’t have time. So, take a day during the weekend, plan the time to actually GO! All my kids love being outdoors and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the sunshine with a reel in hand. If you are me in this situation, I spend my time baiting hooks and making sure my kids keep their life jackets on. Pack a picnic and make it a day at or on the lake! Be sure to grab the sunscreen, bug spray and get the proper fishing licenses!


Does Dad like to hike? In every state I’ve been to there are neat places to go hiking. With smaller kids the hikes would need to be easier, but hiking is something the whole family can enjoy together while getting outside to enjoy the summer. Up here in the Midwest, where winter lasted 8 months this year, getting out this summer is a MUST! Don’t forget good shoes, sunscreen and bug spray!


Who doesn’t love cooking in the great outdoors and saving a mess in the kitchen? Usually the grilling duties fall to the man we’ll be celebrating but on this day we’ll make an exception. Visit your local butcher shop for the best and freshest cuts of meat, pick dad’s favorite and get the kids to help with making dad a special meal! If you are lucky enough to live near family, invite parents, in-laws and siblings over to make things even more fun.


Every year on Father’s Day weekend there is a PRCA rodeo in a nearby town. This is always a fun, family-friendly event that we all enjoy going to every year. Our littles always love watching the animals and the entertainment for us adults as we watch the mutton busting competition is one of my favorite things to watch. Usually my in-laws will join us which makes a rodeo an event that all ages can enjoy. Check these listings to find a rodeo near you.


This is a great way to enjoy a beautiful summer day as a date day or a family outing with older kids! Our favorite team is leading their league by several games so it’s a really great time to get out to see them play. If you don’t have a Major League team near you, there are lots of Minor Leagues, and Local Leagues to watch too.


Several years ago, a gal I worked with wanted nothing more then to have all her windows washed for Mother’s Day. So, Mother’s Day weekend, she and her husband cleaned all the windows in their house. They got the kids involved by having them hose down the screens. Honestly, I thought this idea was absolutely genius! AND it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Usually dads have a long ‘to-do’ list, ‘honey-do’ list, and a ‘things-that-need-fixing’ list. Why not pick something off HIS ‘to-do’ list (NOT the ‘honey-do’ list) and work on it Father’s Day weekend as a family? If it’s a deck project, or what my hubby would want, to get his shed insulated, take the money you’d spend on a gift and make a trip to your local home improvement store for the materials you need for the project. Then the project will be done, money well spent and if you’re lucky you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor as well.

My dear husband, getting things lined up for a 3 week hurricane restoration trip while getting in a few last minute snuggles.

So there is my quick list of Father’s Day activities to get you out of the house and doing something as a family. What ever you choose, don’t forget to celebrate the men in your life that work so hard for their families!

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