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Father’s Day Gift Guide

A unique gift guide for the man who has everything

Clockwise starting top left: Personalize Pocket Knife Monat Black Not Just A Trail Pant Ease Cream Personalized Coffee Mug Aftershave Kit Men’s Grooming Kit Big Book

Father’s Day is rolling around once again. Are you a last minute shopper like me? I haven’t even bought my husband a gift yet. Partially because he never seems to want anything.

Correction, he never wants anything under $1,000.

Oh sure, he wants things. Things like a another Kenworth W900 or the newest Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Edition with a Cummins or some broken down mechanical “toy” to fix up and only he knows how to make work. *rolls eyes*

Don’t get me wrong. I love my hubby and his mechanical genius, but we have a huge riding lawnmower that I can’t use because it’s a “mechanic’s lawnmower” and “needs someone who understands its soul” (hubby’s words).

You see my dilemma.

So, with a little help, I’ve put together a unique guide for the man who has everything. Or at least, at least everything under $1,000.

Engraved Personalized Pocket knife

My husband ADORES pocket knives! He says it’s the ultimate multi tool. He uses it at a screwdriver (both flat and Phillips), a wedge, a hammer, a mud scraper, a fork, and, occasionally, a knife. Whether or not your hubby/dad is MacGyver, he’ll find a use for a pocket knife and having it engraved with his initials gives it that extra special touch.

Get your personalized Pocket Knife here.

Monat Black

Monat is known for their premium hair care products. Whether he admits it or not, dad’s hair is thinning with age. Give his hair the best care possible, and maybe a little of that youthful bounce, with Monat Black.

Buy Monat Black here.

Not Just A Trail Pant

Is dad always bouncing from one activity to the next? Does he love to go from hiking to the office to the river to the golf course? The Not Just A Trail Pant may just be the ultimate pant for the active guy who is forced to work for a living. Give dad the gift of ultimate comfort no matter his setting.

Buy Not Just A Trail Pant here.

Ease Cream

Don’t tell dad he’s getting old when he starts complaining of aches and pains. Just quietly hand him the Ease Cream. Or, better yet, offer to give him a back rub! You’ll have him limber and feeling young again in no time!

Buy Ease Cream here.

Personalized Coffee Mug

My husband LOVES his Yeti mug. And then he bought me one for Valentine’s Day and I ADORE mine!! We don’t use regular coffee mugs anymore because our coffee stays hotter for SO much longer in the Yetis! The only thing that would make them better is if they were personalized. Lucky for you, you can buy a personalized Arctic or Yeti mug from Sandon Engraving!

Get your personalized coffee mug here.

Aftershave Kit

Give dad the gift of smelling good and an uplifted mood at the same time with the Shutran Father’s Day Bundle!

You can buy the Aftershave Kit here, and use referring member code 196057.

Men’s Grooming Kit

Give dad’s skin what it needs with the advanced technology of MKMen skin care. Why is there a very specific product for men? As dad gets older, there is increased exposure to environmental damage and that means his skin needs more protection. Biological difference in oil production and pore size necessitates a formula designed for men.  And, don’t forget the colognes!

Visit or view the ecatalogue here.

Big Book of Big Machines

I bet you saw this in the collage and scratched your head a bit. Let me ‘splain: My hubby loves to read to the kids. But what my hubby does NOT love is to read the same boring book over and over and over and over and over… you get the idea. The kids have their favorites, we have ours, and sometimes the kids’ favorites mysteriously go missing! It’s really strange! But not this book! Granted, this book plays right to my hubby’s interests, but why not gift dad a book that he won’t mind reading a gazillion times and promote bonding time between him and the kids at the same time?? Reading is the gift that keeps on giving and he’ll never regret the time spent with the kids.

Buy this and other books here.

I hope you enjoyed our unique Father’s Day Gift Guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Drop us a note and tell us what you’ll be getting dad this Father’s Day!

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