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Calling Parents With Stories To Tell!

I have taken a small break to think about my blog and its mission.

It’s important for blogs to have missions if they’re going to be successful, or so anyone with a successful blog says.

So I thought about it good and long and long and good and the result is that I wish to create a safe haven where parents, new and old, can laugh and cry, but mostly laugh, over the absurdities of parenthood, the embarrassing (to the parent) behavior of their children, and to encourage each other with an “I’ve been there, too!” mentality.

But how to create that??

Everyone has a funny story or five to tell.

Everyone has struggled with knowing how to correctly respond in a difficult situation.

Everyone has, at one time or another, wished they’d said something different or done something different while parenting.

And we want to hear those stories!

I am looking for newbie freelancers.  If you’ve been thinking about testing the freelancing waters, but aren’t sure where to start, start here!

I cannot compensate you monetarily until this blog begins to make money.  I can, however, assure you that:

  • YOUR name will be on the byline
  • You WILL be able to use the post as a reference when submitting applications to other blogs.
  • You submit it, I WILL (almost always*) accept it.  I only ask that you edit, spellcheck, grammar check, and provide your own Pinterest worthy photos.  Download Grammarly if you’re not confident in your own abilities.  Check out these posts about Pinterest worthy photos here, here, and here.

Post topics that I’m looking for include:

  • Funny stories!!!  Be it the fact that you will NEVER  use a public restroom again after your child LOUDLY told you how much you stink in a crowded restroom or how you will never be able to show your face in Ross again because your child pointed at a stranger’s blue mohawk and declared, “He looks like a Peacock, Mama!!” (Yes, they are personal experiences of mine…)
  • Hysterical revelations!  Such as, knowing that you will never be able to pronounce panpakes or mazagines normally ever again or that the only reason you can sort of function like a human being is because of the three cups of coffee you consume before 7 am (no one’s judging!).
  • Introspective pieces.  Have you found yourself in a difficult situation and miraculously pulled through without hurting anyone’s feelings?  Tell us how you did it.  Or maybe you have a few words of wisdom you wish to share, such as what you would do differently as a newbie parent if you could turn back the clock.
  • Crafts that you can involve the kids in.  I’ll even take a well-researched list that you found on Pinterest.  Please include links and a collage photo for pinning on Pinterest.
  • Recipes!!!  I’d especially love to see original or adapted recipes of your own making!  They can be kid friendly or they can be the type that needs to wait until the kids are in bed.  There really no rules to this one!  Just be sure to provide clear, Pinterest-worthy photos and a pinnable photo or collage.

*The reason for the asterisk.  I will NOT accept:

  • Politically bent pieces.
  • Controversial topics (sorry, leave the vaccine debate for another blog, please!).
  • Vulgarity is NEVER okay.
  • Pieces that were obviously NOT edited or spell checked.  If you are writing for my blog, I’m going to assume that means you likely want to write for others as well.  Editing and spellchecking your piece is a common courtesy, so treat it as such.


  • Have fun!
  • Pop references are awesome!! They keep the posts current!
  • Dazzle us with your insight!!

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you can message me on Facebook (click the icon on the right sidebar) or email me at monosenlacasa(at)gmail(dot)com.  Thank you!  I look forward to working with some of you in the near future!!


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