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Misadventures of a Beginning Quilter


I joined the Try Something New Every Month club.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

 That was before I tried the first craft, which is quilting.

So, since it was my first time quilting and all, I decided to make a twin size quilt.

Not a coaster.

An actual full size quilt.

Nothing could go wrong, right??

First, I hemmed and hawed over what kind of pattern I should make.  I finally found my inspiration on Pinterest.  But I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I had to design my own  arrows and then how to place everything, because I couldn’t find anything exactly like I wanted!  Anyway, that took me about 10 days.  I finally stumbled across this quilt on Pinterest that started the wheels turning in my brain.

I used this free Anna Marie Horner quilt block for my feathers and drafted my arrow from that.  Unfortunately, drafting isn’t my forte, so the pattern isn’t something I could share with confidence.


One of the first decisions I made was to use only what I had on hand because, frankly, I have a ton of fabric and do not need more, plus the bank account is a little low at the moment.  Well, I went to measure my batting and, as it would turn out, I don’t quite have enough.  I am around 54 square inches short and will have to buy more to finish this quilt.


Not only am I short on batting, but as I went through my fabric stash, I began to doubt whether or not I could pull off a twin sized quilt.  My youngest is the only boy of four children and doesn’t have much in the way of “boy stuff”, so I really wanted to make this quilt for him.  And I wanted twin size so it’d last a while.  Fortunately, I found a couple of bedsheets in my stash that worked perfectly and some of my fabric scraps were pretty gender neutral.


When I was all ready to cut things out and make things happen, I couldn’t find my ruler or cutting mat!  Luckily, my ruler showed up at my mom’s house.  Unluckily, I still haven’t found my cutting mat.  We moved 5 months ago and I still haven’t found everything.  I hope it’s in a box.


Not in the Black Hole Where Things Go When They Go Missing And Are Never To Be Found Again.

I am positive the mat would have cut my time down considerably!!!!  I’m at 10 hours and counting in how long I’ve spent cutting, cutting, and cutting fabric!!!



Next thing to decide, binding!  The beautiful, fun fabric I had was about 100 inches too short and I really thought I’d hit the wall then.  I went back to my fabric stash and found a large piece of gray-ish black twill type fabric I’d overlooked!  I’m not anywhere close to putting it on yet, but it’ll look great once I do!


I’ve also decided to try to quilt as I go using this method.  I did the middle block and it was so exciting to see it come together!!

I had meant to spend the last two weeks of January only working on this quilt.  Well, I managed to put in 5 hours a day on it for one week.  Last week… fell apart.  I maybe worked on it for a total of 3 hours.  I ended up in the doctor’s office with a staph infection, so that’s been eating up my days, not to mention that my house looks like World War III took place in here.  We can barely move for the carnage of toys, clean laundry, school papers, things that need to be listed on Craigslist, boxes that still need unpacking, etc, etc, etc strewn about the landscape.  I find that, while I can endure some mess and disorder, complete chaos overwhelms me to the breaking point and I have to spend the next week CLEANING so that my mind can be creative again.


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