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21 Thoughts in Your Baby’s Head When You First Introduce Him/Her to Solids

Baby's First Foods

Ever wonder why your baby makes all those faces when you first introduce him to solids?  Well, here’s a little bit of insight.

You touch the spoon to baby’s mouth, tempting her to open it.

  1. Something’s by my mouth!

You know your baby will willingly open up because, Hey!

  1. Maybe it’s the Food Source!!

If not, then

  1. Maybe it’s paper!!

Failing that,

  1. Or plastic!!


  1. I love plastic!!

Baby opens up and you sweep the spoon across the upper gums.  Baby contorts his face as he tries to figure out,

  1. What is THIS?!?!?



And so out it comes.

You sweep it up with the spoon and try to tempt her to open her mouth.

  1. It’s by my mouth again, I’m just going to halfway open my mouth just in case.

You again try to deposit vitamins and minerals in the form of avocado or sweet potato in to his mouth.

He immediately spits it out, making the most awful scowl you’ve ever seen on such a small person.


Your baby has now grown wise to your game and won’t open up, even with the spoon bumping against her mouth.

  1. Fool me twice, shame on you, but YOU CAN’T FOOL ME THREE TIMES! Just try to get it past the old lip clamp!

So, you resort to parent trickery and make funny noises to make her giggle.

  1. BWAHA… *GAG* You’re playing dirty making me laugh like that just so I’d open my mouth!

You try to the same tactic.

  1. Nope, NOT the Food Source, NOT going to open my mouth.

So, you play peek-a-boo.

  1. Ha ha you’re funny!

And shove the spoon in there.

  1. What?!? AGAIN?!?!?

He gags horrendously and you think the whole contents of his stomach are going to make an appearance.

  1. OUT OUT OUT!!!!

Now, she won’t even react to your silly antics.

He turns his head away before you even get there with the spoon.

  1. Can’t touch this.

Her lips are tightly clamped shut.  Not even the Jaws of Life can pry them open.

  1. Not opening.

You begin to think he won’t eat any more.

   19.  Nope.

You lean close to kiss her.

  20.  Ooooh!  Hair!!

Aaaaand the inevitable revenge happens.

  21.  Let me sink me unclenchable claws into it!!!

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