Life In General

Boomtown Babes

We used to be “those people”.

Well, techinically, we still are “those people”.  As in, “Don’t be like those people and have more kids than you can handle.” or “You know  those people, the ones who take their kids out into public without properly training them to sit and stay first? Don’t be like them.” or “I guess there are those kinds of people who let their kids go out in public with their hair unbrushed and in *gasp* TUTUS!!!”

I digress.

In this particular incident, we took part in the North Dakota oilfield boom.


Told you, we were “those people”.

And hubby subsequently lost his job with the crash, but that’s another story for another day.

While things were still wild and woolly, we would occasionally make our way into the Wild West, that is to say, Williston, for various reasons, none of them bad, but most certainly NOT to shop at Walmart.  We might have been crazy, but we weren’t that crazy!

One particular fine day, we stopped at a cute little roadside coffee kiosk.  As we waited for the gal to come take our order, I was admiring the brightly painted little building  and looking for the name for future reference.

My eyes finally found the name and my brows began to furrow in confusion as I read the words “Boomtown Babes” emblazoned on the side.  It immediately put me in mind of Hooters, but I thought, “Surely not!”

I leaned forward and saw fishnet tights and white booty shorts that you could see the fishnet pattern through!  I think my jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes bugged out, because I caught the eyes of the two guys getting their order in the opposite window and they were full on laughing at ME!!!


My Heart’s Desire found this hysterically funny and would tease me about my “favorite” coffee shop every time we’d go to Williston.

One day, not too long after this particular misadventure, my kids begged to be allowed to have coffee (it’s more like a little coffee with their milk and maple syrup, but don’t tell them!) and I relented.  They decided to play Coffee Shop, because that’s what kids do.  They were chattering about coffee and Italian Cream Sodas, when I heard one ask, “What’s the name of your coffee shop?”

“Oh,” replied the other, “This is Boomtown Babes!!”

*face palm*

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