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Why a Husband Should Always Take Gift Requests Seriously

Two years ago, just before my birthday, I told my husband I wanted nothing but a cleaning lady for a day or my car detailed.


Instead, I got another bag of chocolates and flowers.

Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t ungrateful, but I can buy chocolate anytime for myself and flowers die so quickly.

Anyway, I was… upset, to say the least.

I asked him why he didn’t get either of the things I’d asked for and he said, “Well, it didn’t seem like those would be good birthday gifts.  It’s not worth it.  The kids will trash the house immediately and you’ll be upset.  I didn’t know you really wanted them.”

I, uh, let him know how… upset I was and in no uncertain terms just how mistaken he had been.  He then told me if that was what I really wanted, I could go ahead and find a cleaning lady and hire her.


I could do it.

You have to understand, this man is not normally so insensitive.  He’s used to me being practical.  He bought me a Milwaukee drill for my previous birthday and I was thrilled!  It never occurred to him that I was disguising a request for a day off from daily drudgery.

We are still married.  I have not referred back to this particular incident, except for a couple of necessary occasions.

Someday, I’ll get that cleaning lady or my car detailed.


4 thoughts on “Why a Husband Should Always Take Gift Requests Seriously

  1. My love language is acts of service, and I don’t think I’m very good at gift giving either, I’m just too practical! But I knew my husband was a keeper when one of the first gift he gave me was my very own tool set! It took a couple years before he bought me the super-amazing-neon-green tool chest, that I love! But I have to say, I use the tools a whole lot more than a vase of flowers!

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