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How Mom Hairdos Have Taken Over My Life (and There’s Nothing I can do About it)

When I was growing up, I noticed the many women around me and how they all seemed to wear the same hairdo week after week after week.  I promised myself that I would never do that.  I loved doing hair and trying different styles, so I decided that I would always have cool and funky and different hairdos even as a mom!!  15 years and 4 kids later, I TOTALLY understand now!!!  Three girls will do that to you.  Generally, I just toss up my own hair as quickly as possible always, without fail, thinking I’ll get to it later.  Only at bedtime do I realize I’m still wearing my mom hairdo of what started the day as a top knot and ended the day as a weird conical version of a messy bun.  This is my hairdo repertoire.

Top Knot

While cute on college girls, who can take the time to spray, fluff, and extract wispy bits to frame their faces, this usually ends up looking like the ballerina bun and the fluffy topknot had a baby on my head.  Adding insult to injury, the bun usually slides down the back of my head as the day progresses.  By the time I usually end up in the grocery store (after picking kids up from school), I have a bun that’s been lowered to half-mast.

Leave The Hair Down

I used to have curly hair.  Not tight ringlets, but curly enough that one would never guess I’d end up with straight hair in my adult years.  Nowadays, I’m sporting a stick straight-with-a-slight-crimp-and-a-touch-of-fuzz look.  Add to this that my hair isn’t very thick and I have a ‘do that isn’t cute or even beachy.  Straightening the locks takes time, man, and time I ain’t got!  If the caption on Pinterest doesn’t say “5 hairdos in 5 minutes or less”, I don’t even bother looking.


Photo from Flickr


This is my go-to if I haven’t washed my hair in a week and absolutely cannot avoid public encounters.  I have really long hair, so it’s easiest to manage contained in a braid, then I plop a hat on top, and, voila, instant hair refresher without using dry shampoo and I can go another day without a shower!

Sunday Hairdo

I try to change things up on Sunday, but, since I’m also (constantly) hustling a family of 6 into nice clothes, preventing the mobile children from running outside and getting mud on their shoes and clothes, forcing a brush through three heads of hair, arguing with the eldest child (about what she should wear, how she should do her hair, and whether or not she’s brushed her teeth), feeding the baby (he’s still nursing), and changing his diaper, my hair usually takes last priority.  So, it typically ends up being a slightly less messy version of the messy bun.

I bet you won’t surprised if I say the only reason I own a hair dryer is because my husband uses it.  No, not for his hair.  Instead, he uses it for drying things, putting plastic on the windows, and/or putting tint on one of our vehicles.

2 thoughts on “How Mom Hairdos Have Taken Over My Life (and There’s Nothing I can do About it)

  1. Yep, me too…many days I have “just got up hair” all day long. Today for example: I’ve got a loop of hair thru the hair band w/the rest hanging down with a clip holding my bangs off to the side. Definitely not cute.
    I usually do a ponytail or throw it in a bun. No cute do’s.

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