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When the mommy brain begins to show…

Lock myself out once, okay that happens to everybody occasionally.  Lock myself out twice, well, now that’s a bit embarrassing.  Lock myself out three times… Better not show my face in public, much less admit to it.  However, it might be understandable if it were to happen over a space of time, say 30 years on several different houses.  But three weeks???  And the same house???  That’s when you begin to wonder what’s wrong with you and what meds should you be taking??

The first time it happened, the house key was on the same key ring as the vehicle key.  I don’t remember why the keys were out of my purse, but they were.  I hustled everybody out the door, only to realize that not only did I not have a house key, I didn’t have a car key, either!  After calling two friends (who didn’t answer because they were at the Bible study I was trying to go to), my landlord (who didn’t answer), and my husband (who was still at work), I asked my neighbor for help.  We (he) eventually broke in through the back door.  Hubby and I spent the weekend reinforcing that door.

Three trips to the hardware store, two of them with the one house key in his pocket, failed to produce any spare keys owing to lapse in memory.  It’s okay, I thought, we’ll get it next time. Well, a next time didn’t come.  However, I was faithful in checking my purse before going out the door to make sure I had the house key.  That lasted a week.


The second time, I willfully decided to not check my purse, because, well, it’d been in there every other time!  Except this time it wasn’t.  In the meantime, I’d gotten my regular vehicle back and had decided to not put the house key with the car key, just in case I really needed to go somewhere, I could and would figure out how to get into the house later.  So, home I came from… I can’t remember where now.  Probably from dropping kids off at school.  Lo and behold, I could not find that frustrating key anywhere!!!  I remembered my daughter using it the night before to unlock the shed (the shed key and the house key being together).  Apparently, she hadn’t put the keys back into my purse.  This time, no neighbor was home to bust down my back door.  So, after some serious rummaging around, I finally found a screwdriver and tried to pry one of the doors open.  Nope, that wasn’t happening.  Not without some serious damage, anyway.  Since we rented that place, I wasn’t willing to do serious damage to it!  Around the house I walked, pushing a window here and there.  Finally, I found a window that was slightly off its track.  With a little bit of elbow grease, I got it up.  My little one climbed in and unlocked the front door for me.  I immediately grabbed the house key and went to the hardware store and made three copies.  I gave one to my husband and planned on planting the other two somewhere accessible.  There’s always time, I thought, I’ve locked myself out twice, now.  I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be extra careful from now on.  Besides, I always have my purse on me.  I’ll never be without a key from now on!  A week later, I found out how bad my mommy brain can be.

The third time, I had a sick girl on my hands, so I was hustling an extra kid out the door to go get the one kid who wasn’t sick from school.  I had an odd feeling that I was missing something, but it wasn’t until I reached my vehicle that I realized what it was.  I had left EVERYTHING, but the kids, in the house.  I had no purse, no phone, no keys (car or house), nothing.  Sighing, I sized up the neighbors’ driveways, trying to decide who was still home at that time of day.  I walked over to the likeliest candidate and, thankfully, she was home.  I was able to make sure the kid at school rode the bus home and then I set about the task of trying to figure out how to break in.  We’d fixed all the weak spots that I’d found in my last two attempts at self-burglary.  This was definitely getting harder.  I finally found the last weak spot and got into the house with minimal damage.  I fixed all the weak spots and hid a key.   Needless to say, I didn’t lock myself out of that house anymore.

4 thoughts on “When the mommy brain begins to show…

  1. I know someone who did pretty much the same thing multiple times with their apartment keys in some city in Russia. Retrieving the keys involved a cherry picker. She doesn’t have kids. Take comfort! 🙂

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