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Tell me and I forget, get lost and I remember for the rest of your life.

Kids are apt to forget things you tell them.  Where they put their shoes, why they should go in the toilet and not their underwear, what’s for supper and what time supper will happen, how come they can’t stay up another hour, and on and on and on.  But, SHOW them something, and they don’t forget.


A few years ago, we were living in southeastern MT while Hubby worked in ND.  The kids and I had driven up to see him for a couple of days and were on our way back.  This was the second visit I’d made up there, so I wasn’t exactly familiar with the roads.  I was listening to an audiobook and was in the Driving Zone.  Suddenly, I was on gravel and I didn’t remember driving over gravel before.  I had also passed a construction site that I didn’t remember being there.  The long and short of it was, they were making a curve where a stop sign and ninety degree turn had once been.  I, expecting a stop sign, had driven straight ahead and had gone a couple of miles before realizing it.  Of course, I had to ‘fess up when the kids noticed we were turning around.  For 3 months after that, every time we got into a car and made a turn, I had to answer “Are we lost????” with a “NothatwasonlyoncenowstoporI’mgoingtomakeyouwalk!!!”  They finally forgot to ask if we were lost after about a year and a half.


Recently, I did something completely idiotic.  I tried to take the mailbox out.  With the nose of my Escalade.  Every hour or so, my unfilial 3 year old asks if I’ve scratched my Caddy and why.  I answer her very patiently.  “Becauseyourmomisacompleteairheadwhohasmommybrainandyou’reaquartertoblamethat’swhynowgoeatyourCheerios!!!!”

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