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Dust mites, oh my!

Lacking any sort of laundry room, let alone a folding table, I use our bed as the dumping ground for any clean laundry that might make its way out of the dryer.

This way, I am forced to fold and put away the laundry before I can get into bed.



I do one load of laundry a day, 6 days a week, so, while not an arduous task, I sometimes need motivation to get it done.


There is all too often a time when I am exhausted at the end of the day and, casting a weary eye over the chaos confronting me, tell Hubby sapiently that we should fold the clothes or I will regret it tomorrow.

My undutiful husband will then shove the mess to the foot of the bed and climb in telling me that if I want to fold it, go ahead, but HE is going to sleep.

And I, knowing that as soon as he starts snoring, the beast of jealousy would rise up in my breast and my evil genius would urge me to tickle his feet JUST to keep him awake, give in and climb in beside him.

Since this is a regular routine, the laundry pile will build until pretty soon we are staring at each other through the valleys of what has become Mt. Laundry (Elev. 4 ft).

Recently, My Heart read this article suggesting that a made bed retains humidity, thus encouraging dust mites to live and breed there.

This, of course, justified him in his belief that leaving the bed covers crumpled and askew should be the accepted mode of bed making.

He has not ceased in trying to bring me around to his way of thinking.

“For, you know,” says he, “you’ll just mess the bed up again 18 hours later.”

I cannot be reconciled to the horror of having bed covers not perfectly aligned AND a pile of unfolded laundry thrown into the bargain.

(The washer and/or dryer already eats our socks, can you imagine losing them on the bed as well???)

“But, my dear,” I counter, doubtfully surveying Mt. Laundry (Elev. 4 ft.), “are you sure dust mites wouldn’t live in our bed anyway??”

He, having an answer for everything, explains with an air of offering one a great treat, “Well, you would just have to fold the laundry right out of the dryer and put it away.  That way we won’t lose any more socks in the bed!”

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