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My husband, my love, my… comedian??

I’ve been having issues with my Caddy, so Hubby is doing his poor best to fix it. Well, I smelled burning plastic on my way somewhere and called him in a panic. He thought maybe it was a piece of wire casing that had fallen onto the engine while he was scrounging around under the hood.

“Are you sure??” I asked him, to which my Life’s Companion matter of factly replied,  “Pretty sure. But, you know, if flames start shooting out from under the hood, it’d be alright if you got out of there.”

In exchange for me starting lunch, he made me coffee. I wasn’t looking, but I heard a huge slurrrrrrrp as he walked over toward me. So I did what any good wife would do; I called him on it.

In the most heart rending and pleading voice outside of a courtroom, he cried, “Oh, well, the coffee just jumped out of the cup and grabbed hold of my lip! I couldn’t let it fall!  It was an act of service, really!”

I am surrounded. Send help.


4 thoughts on “My husband, my love, my… comedian??

  1. Hee hee.

    I drove a Caddy (as in the VW thing) this summer and hated it. It’s yours a stick or automatic? It was specifically how the rotten thing shifted that made me it’s number one unfan.

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    1. Mine is a Cadillac Escalade and it’s really nice, just has motor issues right now. It’s an automatic that you can make manual. It’s an ’07 and has really high miles, the only reasons we were able to buy it. 😉


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