Welcome to the Crazy Monkey House!

This is a safe haven for those who are, or who have been, in the trenches of parenthood.  We can freely admit to each other that parenthood isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  In fact, we’re enablers because we’ll tell you that fifth cup of coffee at 5:30 (pm or am, we don’t judge) is perfectly normal and having a secret chocolate stash is a must.  If you want to change all the clocks in the house to an hour ahead just so you can make your crabby kids go to bed early, we’ll be right over to help.  We will also encourage you to keep going and to get out of bed to face another day.  You’ll find lots of stories that will make you laugh or cry (depending on how horrible your kids were that day) and, hopefully, give you the strength to see the light of day again, plus the occasional recipe and craft.  So, grab your coffee cup (or chocolate stash) and come meet your new best friends!